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A Plus Flatwork Concrete, in the Billings area. 
As diverse as your con
crete needs are, we have geared up to meet these expectations head on. We assure your satisfaction of price, quickness and a top quality final product. Our mission is service, promptness and precision for the concrete needs of home & business owners. We are an appealing choice for those small & medium sized jobs. From stairs to tear-out & replacements or from specialty pads to repairs, we will make it worth your time.
-Affordable price/payment options
-Convenience and availability
-Experience and credibility
Answers for water run off issues and settling concrete. These incidentals lend themselves to bigger problems. Water expansion in these troubled spots creates an accumulative effect for additional cracking and elevation changes thus creating trip hazards. 
Removal and Replacements our Specialty. We safely and carefully remove problem concrete and replace it with new and better product. Often the original contractor from say 20 plus years ago used the cheapest contractor they could find. Often having placed the concrete with to much water or having overworked the concrete because of lack of experience. 
Small job? No problem! We were built for your job. Often that's all that it takes. An ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of cure. 
Solutions to your unique situations. That is what you call us for. We have seen it all! You may be pleasantly surprised at the solutions we will offer you. 
We spin screed* our concrete creating the best finish in the business.  Very few concrete workers use our process. It guarantees the finest surface in the business. 
Quick and no fuss approach to your needs. If we can't do something we will help you find the right people. 
Get that old concrete replaced this year! (406)661-7795  or email to jay@aplusflatwork.com